Monday, January 28, 2013

Getting 2 Know The Mommy Ref

A wonderful Mama nominated for my second Leibster Award.  She is so awesome to me I couldn’t ignore the awesome nomination.  Although since I have already received this award I am going to take this time to use her posed questions as a get to know The Mommy Ref a bit better opportunity.  I sure hope that is alright with you players.  Bending the rules and getting crazy here!

Here are the questions and my answers

Have you ever moved away from "home"?

Yes, I grew up in CA.  When I was a young lass I had a nasty break up and moved to Oregon to finish school.  At the time I felt it was right to get a fresh start, but I sound realized it was more of a break from the drama.  I moved back after graduating 2 years later.  I am currently back in California.

What are your hobbies, besides blogging?

Are kids a hobby?  How about a hubby?  Is cleaning a hobby?  We enjoy camping as a family and try to go often.  Being in California there is always something going on.  I enjoy playing and coaching sports.  I have coached basketball for several years now and get pleasure out of seeing kids find love for the game.

Do you go on family vacations; which was your favorite?

We have stayed pretty local since the kids have been born.  More for cost than anything else.  Our favorite times are out in nature camping.  The kids are able to be more “free” and we get to relax a bit too!

Any big plans for 2013?

Not sure if it is a big plan but DaddyCool and I have made a decision to use more small businesses in 2013.  Give work to those that need and want it.  Give back to those that work hard to provide in a state as tough as California.

If you could have any animal, real or imaginary, for a pet, what would you choose and why?

I would get a unicorn and gift it to Kelly at The Debie Hive.  Because she would totally rock that with her Wonder Woman Cape and boots!  I am not making this up, she would.  Plus I would go crazy with something else to take care of.  I kill plants!

What's your favorite book/movie?

The Neverending Story….Loved that I could be lost in a Story

It's raining and the kids are home from school, WHAT DO YOU DO?

Movies, popcorn and snuggles.  Crack the window open and listen to the rain.  We also like to make pizzas too.  Just spend time.

If you could time-travel, would you go back to the past or into the future?

I would go into the past so I could spend more time with loved ones that were taken too early from me

Do you censor your posts based on your followers (like family or certain friends)?

I don’t write about certain things because I am not sure I can put it on paper well, but it is not for fear of “who” is reading it.  I have an anonymous blog but I am not naïve that my cover could be blown at any time.  Also, this blog was set up as a reflection of me.  I won’t write something to simply create traffic.  It is real stuff on my mind.

Will you keep blogging?

I hope to.  I only write about once a week because I don’t want to take a lot of time from my family and myself.  This year I am making better choices to get me healthy.  You will see more one liners on Twitter or Facebook than deep thought out blog posts for now.  I hope that chances as my confidence in writing builds.

You get to meet a role model or idol: who is it and why?

I would like to be in a room with other successful business women that were Moms.  I would like hear their struggles and triumphs growing to the positions they are in now.

  Hope that gives you a little more about me.  If there is anything else you have been wondering about me, let me know!                         

Game Over.


  1. I'm getting a unicorn!!!!!!! Woohoooo!!!!!

    I knew all the other stuff. ;)

  2. Love hearing more about The Mommy Ref! :)


  3. I enjoyed reading that poets... perhaps you should as your readers some questions about themselves to get even. :)