Thursday, March 21, 2013

Doing Your Best.....Really?

How often do you hear “I am just doing my best?” 
Do you believe it? 

When you say it do you really mean it?  

For me that is like the awkward “How are you doing” question that really has no weight behind it.  The majority of people just ask because it is the nice thing to do.  They most likely really are not interested in how your day is going. 

I would bet the same on the “doing your best” trending.  I would challenge you to stop telling people that you are doing your best. Additionally stop telling others to just do their best. 

I bet you are thinking I am crazy….and maybe I am.

What if I said that saying you are doing your best is an excuse?  Would that make you mad?

“Aw man, I did my best!”

Do you think doing your best even exists? 

Do you even know what your best is?

Here is my take on it…. It does not exist.  I believe that no one really knows what their best is.  It is a false gauge we set for ourselves.  It is a measurement of what we “think” we can do.  So by saying you are doing your best you are limiting yourself from doing more.

Let’s think about it.  If I told you that I needed you to climb a local hill in less than 30 mins.  You would most likely laugh at me and tell me it was not possible.  However if your life was at risk or one of a loved one and climbing that hill was your only option you would find a way. You see it all the time.  Real life super heroes.  They didn’t wake up saying that their best was to do that heroic act.  Reality is they probably had no clue what they are capable of that morning.  Sure there was fight or flight, sure there was adrenaline….the bottom line is that ordinary person was capable of doing much more than they thought they were capable of.

I am challenging you to join me in not limiting yourself to a false sense of measurement.  Don’t limit your opportunities for success.  The “best” is a personal limitation.  A comfort zone if you will.

Rather than focusing on the self made limits…just do it.  Whatever it is.  If you just “do” you can’t fail because you will be successful.  You will open many more opportunities.

Quit living life with your self-made limitations. 

Just live.
Just do.


  1. Agreed. I lived in a shell of wallflower like traits in high school and part of college. After some time abroad, making my own decisions, mistakes, successes, etc., I came out of that shell. I like the me now much better. I "do" more now, and get more out of life because of it.
    Thanks for the reminder to do more. I'm on it!

    The Cheeky Daddy