Thursday, December 20, 2012


I submitted this to the work "Gratitude Writing Contest" and won some Starbucks from it this morning.

Mmmmm Coffee!
At first I was irritated that it took them over a month to send the results of the contest.  Then I thought about it a bit more and deciding it was genius.  Pure genius!  So many times we reflect on the things we are thankful for in that milestone month of November.  We often find ways to see the "good" in our hard times we have experienced over the past year. 
Then we go buy a ton of presents that mean nothing and forget about all those things we reflected on just weeks prior. 
So I challenge you to not forget.  And in the spirit of sharing, here is what I submitted.
Gratitude is an attitude.  It is a way of living.  Slowing down to appreciate all the small things we often take for granted.  Realizing that in one mere second, your life could change forever or end.  It is deeper than a simple thank you.  It is seeing the wonderfulness of each event in your life as a chance to better yourself for tomorrow.  A chance to better this world for the little ones we love so much.  Don’t allow the small things in life to cloud the big picture.  Strive to be gracious for each and every moment.
In the MommyRef house we will be creating a jar to place our best moments in for 2013.  Then we will be able to share those memories as a family next New Years Eve. 
Join us!  
365 days of Gratitude

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  1. I like what you say about gratitude. I agree and I think that ingratitude lends to all kinds of problems. It certainly leads to bitterness and it is contagious. It is so easy to fall into the woe is me pit and not have a ladder to get out and sometimes not want one for it feels good to wallow in misery. We like to feel emotion and we really can make ourselves feel misery. It takes work to have a good attitude and to have an attitude of gratitude.

    I like your jar idea.