Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Pay It Forward

What was I doing at 7am on a Saturday morning?  Standing in line at the store because I forgot we didn’t have milk on the way home from work the night before.  I know, why 7am...because the minions had already been up since 6am asking for took me an hour to listen.  So I decided to run to the store and surprise the kids with a rare treat of donuts since I would alread be out getting the milk I forgot.  Then of course I remembered I needed bananas and then I remembered I needed….well you get the picture.  An entire shopping cart later because I clearly have no self control I am finally in line. 

For those of you that shop early bird on a Saturday you know that they more often than not only have one register open.  The Express Lane.  Well I was by no means a qualifier for this lane but I had no other options so into the express I went with my cart of items.  I began to unload my cart…yes I did remember the milk I went for.  A young man got into line behind me.  He actually belonged there.  In his handle basket he had milk, hamburger meat, veggies, yogurt, and eggs.  I offered for him to go before me as I was still unloading my basket, with wheels.  He was thankful and stepped ahead. 

The checker rang him up as I continued to unload.  Then I overheard him asking about removing items from his total as he didn’t have enough money.  In that moment for a quick second I thought, how can you plan to buy all this if you don’t have the money to?  I began to judge...but then I stopped and from my lips came…  Here is $10 and keep the change.  The man looked at me in shock.  The checker paused to see if I was really serious.   This made me pause as well.  Had I just done that? Yes, I did.

The man grabbed my hand and said thank you.  A real heartfelt in his eyes.... Thank You.  He proceeded to tell us both that he had lost his job  a couple of weeks ago and hadn’t had time to put his unemployment check in the bank because he has been at the hospital with his wife and new preemie baby.  He was hoping to just grab a homemade meal with his 5 year son because he loves to BBQ hamburgers.  He thought he had more money in his wallet but remember when he heard the total that he had given $5 to a lady who needed bus fare from the hospital home and he didn’t have any ones.

I had no words.  I still have no words.  Pay It Forward Players.  Pay it forward.

Please share your own stories or plan a pay it forward of your own. 


  1. I admire that you did that. I question my motives when I do pay it forward stuff because I enjoy doing it. Is my motive to do it to help or is it because it makes me feel better? I dont know but I know it is right to do regardless. I went to Walmart last week and paid down on a couple of Christmas layaways for two families; one I was told the husband lost his job and all the 3 kids had asked for was a bike. I wish I could do more.

    1. That is AWESOME! I had similiar thoughts. I think for me it is just a nice way to appreciate people and hope it lingers to someone else. I have done other random things, but it is usually where they don't know it is "me" because it is not about that. This was the first time I was brave enough to step out and do it in the presence of the receiver. Glad you are hear Mark, thanks for commenting!

  2. Read and commented on your Is Christmas over yet blog. I hope your daughter is doing better!