Saturday, October 20, 2012


Sports, is my comfort zone.  Sports is my go to.  I grew up playing sports, any sports. I loved to play.  I was good at some things and others not so much.  I didn't care if I was good, I just loved to play.  I loved the rush you got working as a team and the bigger rush when you did something as an individual for your team.

While I was going through college I began to coach various basketball teams.  I loved the game and loved to teach others about it.  I enjoyed watching the kids develop.  I enjoyed watching the joy in their face when they made a basket or a great pass.  I enjoyed the excitement of the games.  I enjoyed teaching.  I enjoyed the kids. I enjoyed everything about coaching those kids, except the parents.

I stopped coaching back then because of the parents.  The parents that never did play a sport themselves and are trying to live through their child.  The parents who were great as children and expect their child to be great.  The parents that think their child is the best, when they are not.  The parents that force their child to play something in which they have no interest.  I stopped because of them.

Now I am one, a parent.  I have always promised that I will not be one of those parents.  I will be there to encourage my children.  I will allow them to chose what they would like to try out.  The only part my husband and I enforce is this...If you start a season or session, you finish it.  There is no quitting.

No quitting, that is the part that I have to remember.

Lately life has thrown some curve balls, but I must remember..not to quit.

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