Friday, October 19, 2012

Spare A Square

Smart phones, social media, and trendy apps make it easier than ever to stalk check up on your friends and family.  Heck, it even assists in checking in on those you are not fond of.  How many of you have used those location tagged posts to decide NOT to go somewhere? 

Now this might be twisted, but I find it hard to believe that I am the only person who thinks like this.  Well, I know I am not, because I married a man a lot like me.

However, with all the stores, chores and juggling kids, I have a new proposal.  Forget Facebook location tagging, forget Foursquare.  My app is going to be called, Spare a Square. Yep that is right.  You read it right.

I figure I will be queen of the app in no time.  I will have fierce competition from other parents of small children I am sure.  Oh, that's right, the app!  Spare a Square will be an app to check in at all the bathrooms we, as parents, are forced to find while out doing the days deeds.

I mean really, it is like a game to see how many bathrooms they "see" on the trip.  And those that have more than one children, know that once one child goes, the others will too.  So my app will be upgraded to include a multiple check in feature for more points and those all so important badges.  And yes, there is different points for #1 or #2 or if you did both, YIPPEE!  I am still deciding if you can score points for a multiple bathroom visit at the same location.  I mean it is the same hassle and effort, so why not?

Now, I just need to begin naming the badges and find a techie to build this for me.  What ya think? 

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