Monday, October 22, 2012

Why I Hate Mondays

Why is it that on days that begin with “S” it is near impossible to sleep in? Even if I am fortunate enough to have one or more of my kids sleep in past 6am, I am up for some reason.  Yet, come Monday morning I am pealing myself and the kids out of bed?  Monday seems to be the only day in our house that a body under 5 feet tall could possibly sleep in.  This is why I hate Mondays.
It takes enough energy to get myself up and moving.  Just as I am feeling accomplished with two feet on the ground… I remember that I am soon to be faced with little faces that do not want to get up.  Little faces that I would love to stay asleep and rest the two days prior, but have decided yet again, that Monday is a day to sleep in.  This is why I hate Mondays.
Today, I took the easy way out.  I went downstairs and began to make lunches.  As I was willing my eyes to stay open, I just kept hoping that Hubby would wake up the kids.  I turned on the radio and the coffee pot and pretended it was 10am instead of 5am.  I pulled out my favorite creamer, because coffee is all about the creamer and got to making lunches.  Thankfully when I chose my hubby many moons ago I made sure he had super mind reading powers.
He began operation wake up the grumpy.  It worked! I didn’t have to fight more eyes than my own to stay open!  He fought the fight and pealed the minions from their warm beds.  Got them dressed and sent them down for breakfast…..just in time for me to go up and get dressed for work.  I think I found my recipe for sanity on Monday morning = avoidance!  I may not get the Mommy of the Year award for this morning’s events…..but I did get a bit of sanity on a Monday morning.

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